Patterned swiss roll

patterned swiss roll

So to celebrate my post, I have a cake recipe for you today and that too a very pretty cake recipe – patterned swiss roll cake. Swiss roll.
I am not big on Valentine's Day. I mean do we really need a day to tell someone we love them, or to celebrate love for that matter. Love should.
Take the decorated paste out of the freezer, line a Swiss roll tin with the decorated baking parchment. Pour mixture into the lined tin and smooth. patterned swiss roll This is also called Swiss roll, jelly roll, or cream roll. It is a type of sponge cake roll filled with whipped cream.
Impress your friends and family with a beautiful patterned roll cake. No special tools or skills required — if you can trace, you can make this.
i saw this swiss rolls on the internet and try it my self (its not my idea, i found when i have the time i go make more of the patterned cakes and show it overhere.