Party cake serving chart

party cake serving chart

Cake Serving Chart Explanation and 1st page of that chart. The full 3 page chart and explanation page can be ordered from [email protected]
Earlene's Cake Serving Chart shows that a 9″ cake serves only 22 I tend to use the more generously-sized party cake chart (email me for a.
The big difference is wedding cake slices are traditionally smaller than party cake slices. With that in mind we assembled a chart to help you determine what size. I'm looking for a serving chart for birthday cake that gives nice size cake pieces. I am doing a birthday cake this weekend that is stacked and  How Do You Charge For Party Cake Servings Vs. Wedding Cake.
This chart shows baking information and serving amounts for deep pans. The figures for pans are based on a or high cake ; fill pans 1/2 to.
Find batter capacity and approximate serving sizes for all Fat Dadddio's pans.


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