Paula dean cream cheese pound cake

paula dean cream cheese pound cake

In her recipe for cream cheese pound cake, Paula Deen is careful to make clear that your cream cheese and butter need to be at room.
Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Wow! The name says it all! Serve it plain or with fresh berries on top.
But really, I can't think of a better way to end than with this Cream Cheese Pound Cake from Paula Deen (gotta love her southern recipes!).

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But, before I made any moves I wanted to look up baking in paula dean cream cheese pound cake convection oven just to be sure, and to my surprise found out that not only was it recommended, but that there is a blog dedicated to baking with a convection oven AND that the Bouchon Bakery cookbook? The Cake Mix Doctor Cookbook has an Almond Cream Cheese pound cake in it that uses the Duncan Hines Butter Yellow Cake rolled fondant recipe. All Taste of Home Magazine Recipes. By creating an account you are agreeing to receive occasional email offers from our Family of Publications and you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


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