Quilting cakes

quilting cakes

Give your cake a great quilted look by embossing lines in a lattice pattern. Use the single-wheel Cutter/Embosser to create the imprinted lines. It?s a textured.
How to quilt the edges of a cake, using a quilting tool / cutter. You can purchase the quilting stencil here.
I have a wedding cake due tomorrow with a quilted pattern on the sides. I have an idea about how to do it, but wanted to make sure I wasn't  Diamond Quilting Tool Uk??.

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Use a tool to run your marks along the edge of the cake. Spongebobcake post has been such a huge help to me….


How to get a quilting diamond effect on a cake

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Thanks artscallion - your directions are clear and simple. This post has been such a huge help to me….

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quilting cakes Creating a beautiful quilted pattern is easier than it looks. This tutorial should show you clearly how to quilt a fondant cake. First, you need to.
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Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the cake tier for It is possible to quilt buttercream frosted cakes like the cake below.