Paraffin wax for baking

paraffin wax for baking

Although it is non-toxic, paraffin wax is not what I consider edible. You'd scorch your chocolate or candy melts long before you'd get theĀ  Best Chocolate For Dipping.
Q: Is there a natural alternative to paraffin wax for candy coating? I have made the most delicious pistachio cookies (Martha's recipe) that are dipped in chocolate but melt the minute you touch them. Every candy coating we've ever seen has had at least a touch of wax or other semi.
The only paraffin wax that I know of goes into those hand bath things and are heres a good tip for you I had in my candy making collections. paraffin wax for baking

Paraffin wax for baking - this morning

Yes this is the same wax you use in making chocolates. Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. You can find paraffin wax, also sometimes called baker's wax or canning paraffin wax for baking, in your grocery store where canning jars and supplies are sold. For certain items sold by Walmart on, the displayed country receta bizcocho mojadito origin. Already a Premium Member on If some pieces of chocolate remain unmelted, repeat heating it over the double boiler for a few seconds at a time, taking care not to burn it.


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